Ytsara Mohom Indigo Art of Healing

Experience the ancient healing art of the Hmong Shamans, used to treat muscular aches and pains. A steamed Indigo herbal poultice, filled with pure remedial ingredients is thoroughly kneaded over your body. Then surrender to a deep tissue massage using palms, thumbs and elbows to loosen muscles and stimulate blood circulation. Indigo, the symbol of the Buddha of Medicine, is said to improve muscular tone and drain away toxins, while Chinese Mandarin and Rosemary essential oils dissolve muscular tension, embracing you in an aura of calm and harmony.

30 minutes: £25                                                                                       

A deep tissue back, neck and shoulder massage.

60 minutes: £50

A full body, deep tissue poultice and oil massage.

90 minutes: £60

A more lengthily full body, deep tissue poultice and oil massage.


£ 60
  • Duration: 90 Minutes
  • Experts: Becky,Colette
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